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  • FLOE fitness ice pods for ice bathing at home in ice pod.

    Which Ice Pod is Right For Me?

    Ah, the ice pod. A futuristic contraption that beckons you with the promise of icy rejuvenation, a portal to a world of invigorating chills and crisp clarity. But with FLOE Fitness offering three distinct vessels for your cold water voyage.
  • Ice bath with cold therapy ice bathing matt

    How to Take the Ultimate Ice Bath at Home with FLOE Fitness: Dive into Cold Bliss

    The article discusses the benefits of ice baths for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. FLOE Fitness offers a range of ice bath solutions, including stackable ice trays, portable ice baths, and inflatable ice baths. The article provides a step-by-step guide to preparing for and enjoying an ice bath, including clearing the space, using stackable ice trays, and embracing the cold to reduce muscle soreness, promote circulation, and enhance overall well-being.
  • Sports injury and cold water therapy with ice baths

    The Ultimate Guide to Sports Injury Recovery: A Comprehensive Journey with FLOE Fitness Ice Baths

    This is a guide to sports injury recovery through the use of ice baths. FLOE Fitness offers a comprehensive system that goes beyond traditional rehabilitation methods and tailors its approach to each athlete's individual needs. It's a holistic journey that involves the mind, spirit, and cutting-edge technology. The guide includes fifteen tips to supercharge your recovery and unlock the full potential of your body. Each dip into the cold waters becomes a transformative step towards renewed strength and vitality.